I’ve been wanting to have a space of my own to write stuff, so this blog has been in the backlog of personal tasks for a loooong time now.

Well here it is! Writing for myself. And as every blog did since the dawn of humanity, it has to have a first post.

And in the process of trying to figure out what to write, I just started thinking about my first post.

What was my first post? Ever?

I had an old blog, done in Blogspot. The first post was dated 2008, its title was “Primeiro Post” (which is portuguese for “First Post”), and it simply said “Yay or nay?”. It had 12 comments, most of them are now marked as “Anonymous” because, as we know so well nowadays, databases rot and not everything on the Internet lives forever. It’s as if they wrote the posts with fading ink and now I can’t read who wrote them, although some of them I can guess more or less who they were.

Still, that wasn’t my first Internet post for sure. I remember that I had an account on a Tamagotchi web forum. I remember posting about my Tama screen being scratched. Fun fact: if you placed your ear close to the Tamagotchi V2 you could listen to its heartbeat. I remember how excited I was, leaving the toy store with a new Tamagotchi in my hands, and almost dying because I didn’t look at the road and a car almost hit me. That toy store doesn’t exist anymore.

I also remember being a member of a message board called Enigmaspace, a fansite about the music of Enigma. I wrote about how I was only 13 and loved Enigma! I guess being 13 and liking Enigma was cool. I specifically remember being 13 because it was a weird word to write in English, “thirteen”. This forum doesn’t exist anymore.

My guess is one of those two would’ve been my first post. But, as databases rot, so does human memory and I can’t know for sure. And that’s yet another reason to have a blog, encouraging me to write so that certain memories don’t become fading ink.