“Jake, the Moldy Dog” was a small unplanned art exhibition that came to be due to my temporary unemployment after adventures in a Startup.

During my small stay in the unlaboured world I decided to invest my time making small figurines in cold porcelain clay made at home. I made Eevees, Napstablooks, random small animals and the three Jakes:

The Three Jakes

  • “Jake, the Pinched Dog”, whose posture had suffered too much from my thumb;
  • “Jake, the Moldy Dog”, with mold coming from 100% natural causes, whose species I cannot divulge as to not ruin my artistic reputation and;
  • “Jake, the One-Eyed Dog”, with only one eye.

It became an art exhibition when I left the moldy version in the street, hoping that a child would find it and bring home a new, moldy friend. The next day it was gone.