One day someone posted the list of the best pens of 2021 on hackernews. I went there to check it out and fell in love with one in particular: the Kaweco Sport.

Being small and cute, and me being in a depressive phase due to the pandemic, I decided to read more about these pens to distract myself; two years later, in the midst of the serindipity that infected me, I ended up with this collection:

Collection of Kaweco pens

These days, the one I use the most is the bronze one, and second place goes to the steel version. My hands tend to have a comfortable, subtle scent of pennies.

Over time I have bought various inks to experiment with and find the one I like best. My favorite inks are KWZ Honey, Diamine Earl Grey and Diamine Tobacco Sunburst.

My shelf and my paints

There’s a special magic in writing with a pen I appreciate, using carefully chosen ink. It’s very different from writing with traditional blue/black pens. We all have a unique handwriting, so writing is already a personalized act in itself. This is an extension of that very expression.

And it’s so much more beautiful. 😌

but also expensive…