It is with great joy that I am releasing a new album this next monday (23rd of november) with songs that I have composed in the past 10 years.

It’s called “Memórias de Peixe”, which is portuguese for “Fish Memories”. Each track is a reference to some memory of my past, memories of places, people and feelings that do not exist anymore.

The album name is a play on the fact that fishes have a very short memory, and also a dedication to a friend of mine who passed away recently. Her last name was “Peixoto” (which in portuguese is a word similar to fish).


  1. The Day We’ll Be Gone
  2. Hidden Land
  3. A Loja Das Gomas
  4. O Rádio da Lucília
  5. O Fogo no Celeiro
  6. Reminscências do Avô
  7. Sete Palmos de Amor
  8. Um Universo na Ponta do Mato
  9. Haecceity
  10. Roni
  11. Love in a Virtual Hotel

It’s being published by Gruta, and it will be available on Bandcamp and all other major music distributors such as Spotify and Apple Music.