Who is the voice inside my head?#

I have a voice in my mind. I’m hearing it now. It dictates what I write.

Sometimes when I think about something, it speaks to me as if it were not me, as if it were not a product of the imagination that belongs to my domain.

For instance, the other day, I dropped an egg on the floor, made a mess, ruined dinner, and naturally got annoyed; but as if that weren’t enough, it proclaimed “Good job, Luis!!1!” in a sarcastic tone, as if I were asinine.

I wonder if I should emancipate this voice, give it a name and a life of its own, declare its independence; on the other hand, I don’t want it to go away and be silent, or else it would be very lonely. The concept of silence is merely theoretical for me. As soon as I wake up, I already hear it uttering ideas, criticisms, and plans for the day (sometimes not for the current day, but for some ambiguous day in the remaining time continuum).

Some say: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.
My voice says: “I’ll be silent when you’re dead”.