A collection of songs that I have composed in the past 10 years.

Like a sound-aquarium, this wattery release is moist and liquid, crystal clear in the form of a sphere, like the planet we survive upon. Even though it’s kind of sweet sound wise, conceptually it’s quite bitter and nostalgic.

It’s called “Memórias de Peixe”, which is portuguese for “Fish Memories”. Each track is a reference to some memory of my past, memories of places, people and feelings that do not exist anymore.

The album name is a play on the fact that fishes have a very short memory, and also a dedication to a friend of mine who passed away recently. Her last name was “Peixoto” (which in portuguese is a word similar to fish).


  1. The Day We’ll Be Gone
  2. Hidden Land
  3. A Loja Das Gomas
  4. O Rádio da Lucília
  5. O Fogo no Celeiro
  6. Reminscências do Avô
  7. Sete Palmos de Amor
  8. Um Universo na Ponta do Mato
  9. Haecceity
  10. Roni
  11. Love in a Virtual Hotel

Available on Bandcamp and all other major music distributors such as Spotify and Apple Music.

All tracks produced by me. Published my Gruta. Mastered by Kane Hay. Text by Jonny K.