EP of happy electro-eclectic tunes, a bit jazzy, a bit vaporwavish, a bit noisy; improvised in dedication to a pigeon whose life was lost.

Her name was Cassiana.#

Some tracks were made a long time ago, when Cassiana was still alive. The exception is “Hidden Land”, track number one, which was made recently, played in a Linnstrument, which is why is so different from the others and much more expressive.

Cassiana couldn’t fly, so she lived with us and spent all her time with her sibling dogs. She was also very angry and bitter, constantly fighting with the dogs because she didn’t want them to eat their food. Despite her bad temper, she was loved. She followed us wherever we went.

She tragically passed away one day when she was going for a walk with my aunt and dogs; A car ran over her. Obviously the person who did this didn’t care because it was “just a fucking pigeon”.

The album cover is a picture of Cassiana taken by my aunt Tata. She still takes care of pigeons, although no one became like Cassiana. They always leave to have their own lives eventually. Cassiana was truly unique.

Pigeons are everywhere, and people in general don’t seem to hold them in much regard…

But what are people to pigeons?#

This is the question that inspired me to write the track Gonna Be a Pigeon. I aimed for an apocalyptic style of very bad jazz. Imagine a giant pigeon playing the piano, with smaller pigeons on top of it. The rest of the album is also very jazzy and improvisational, sometimes angry, sometimes noisy. Just like Cassiana.


  1. Hidden Land
  2. Pigeonneries
  3. We Did Nothing
  4. Gonna Be A Pigeon
  5. Roadtrip
  6. Phasing Shell
  7. Memory Leak
  8. Le Pigeon Est Mort, Vive Le Pigeon!


Frederico del Fiume for the support and helping me design the cover <3
Ana Paula Reis Rodrigues (Tata) for the picture and everything!
Cassiana for her singer cameo in track number 8.

released May 30, 2018