Hello! So…#

I consider myself: a developer who creates things. ✨ I enjoy writing code, composing music, producing short films, and drawing little monsters; The intersection of art and technology is the realm where I dwell.

interests: social psychology, existentialism, intersectionality and feminism, sociology, economics, privacy, and of course, coding, game design, cinema, music.

pronouns: he, his.

in my daily life: I usually write with Diamine Tobacco Sunburst, KWZ Honey and/or Diamine Earl Grey inks. The pen I use as my daily driver is the Kaweco Sport Bronze;
☕ I consume around 3 to 4 espresso shots;
🍵 but sometimes, I switch to black tea: my favorite used to be lapsang souchang, but it gave me heartburn, so now I drink oolong or Ceylon tea.

for composing music: I use the Linnstrument and an Arturia MiniLab MKII. My favorite DAWs are Bitwig and Sunvox. I can’t do without Xfer Nerve;

this website: is static with the help of hugo.io; the theme is open-source and the font used is gt-pressura;
it has two versions: English and Portuguese; I begin by writing in the language I feel most comfortable with at the moment, but sometimes, I don’t translate, so the content is not 100% identical between them.


You can email me at luis@hidden.land. I speak english, portuguese and a little bit of french.
My GPG signature is 1EA1 6740 7B3B AAB9. You can find my public key here.

I’m also around Social Media, usually with my nickname Louisload:


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If you want to support me you can invest some time listening to my music, I get 0,0000001 cents everytime you do 💛